Dane Motorcycle Clothing

DANE stands for Scandinavian design, top quality materials, safety and superb wearing comfort. DANE is made by the pioneers of GORE-TEX® and has for many years been one of the leading specialists in GORE-TEX® apparel in the world. And we mean specialist in the literal sense: riders are our focus and all of our apparel and accessories have been specially developed just for them.

Each year we subject new products to extensive practical testing, involving thousands of kilometers in all possible weather conditions, before putting them into production. The results and the experiences of our test riders are passed back to the designers, who then make small alterations to the garments, if required, in order to achieve a perfect fit and optimum performance. This makes DANE products extremely comfortable and of superb quality. DANE therefore performs very well in independent comparative product tests, often emerging as the test winner. You can read all about materials and properties on the next few pages.