Greater London Motorcycles Workshop Deals!

That's right could probably feel the cold by now! Winter is most definitely coming but not to worry people! The team here at Greater London Motorcycles has put together an amazing Winter Package!
Riding a motorcycle isn't ideal in the cold, icy weather so it helps to be prepared.
Here are our top tips for tackling this winter on two wheels:                                                                
1. Wearing the correct winter motorcycle gear.                                                             
Motorcycle gear is always a priority no matter what the weather is like however, you should adapt yourself & your riding style to the weather to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum risk of you falling off. 
Wearing a nice puffy & warm motorcycle jacket that has all the crash protective padding inside that is also waterproof is ideal! Jackets like the Dane Torben II paired with a set of warm protective trousers, such as the Dane Lyngby Gore-Tex Pro will ensure that your journey however long it may be is toasty and warm, not to mention dry!
Layering is one of the most cost-effective ways of staying warm without splashing out on expensive motorcycle gear. Layering has been a technique that has been used for many years not only in motoring, but in any situation were its freezing!
Using a nice cotton long-sleeved shirt under a warm woolly jumper, then wearing your armored motorcycle jacket will help insulate the heat your body produces. Wearing long jones or thin trackies under your protective trousers will also achieve the same results!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
2. Making sure your motorcycle is prepared for the conditions.                                   
 It's all good when you're wrapped in warm bubble wrap, however, if your mechanical steed isn't ready for the conditions it faces, then be prepared for things to go wrong.
Do a pre-flight check before flying off to work because you overslept in your nice warm, cozy bed. Doing simple checks may save your life when road conditions aren't as normal. Making sure everything works as it should, for example, making sure that all your lights, breaks & engine are working as they should. Clear any ice that may be on your motorcycle by using an ice scraper and using your engine heat by turning the motorcycle on. Remember to check your tires for cracks or punctures because the last thing you want is to be stranded in the horrible cold weather. Don't forget, your tires are the only thing that keeps you on the road, so take care of them.                                                                               
3. Can you handle it?                                                                                                        
In any condition, especially when in a situation such as cold weather, making sure that you can handle the journey on 2 wheels could be life-saving. If at any point you feel that it's too cold or you just don't feel safe on the road no matter what the conditions are, get off the bike and find another way to get where you are going if its worth it. If you don't feel safe riding in cold weather then don't push yourself because it may end badly!      

What can Greater London Motorcycles do to help

Well, Greater London Motorcycles understands that some people heavily rely on their motorcycle no matter what the weather is like. So we are offering a FREE winter check over and 10% OFF any motorcycle servicing so you can be assured that your pride & joy is up for this winter.                                                                       
Not only that, we are also offering 10% OFF any motorcycle clothing and accessories. So if you don't have any winter clothing, now's the time to buy!               
You thought we would end it there, huh? Greater London Motorcycles want to make sure that your hands are warm this winter, so we are offering an amazing deal when it comes to heated grips!                                                                            
Get your bike fitted this winter with the brand new Oxford Advanced Heated Grips with us just for £129.99. Hurry because offers will end 31st of December 2017