HJC RPHA 11 Star Wars Edition

HJC has added a new character design to the growing Star Wars collection, in the form of Jedi Killer and general bad boy, Kylo Ren.

The helmet's design is a good representation of the mask worn by Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Leia, while he wreaks havoc using every ounce of power from the Dark Side of the Force, whilst also using the Dark Lord (his Grandfather) as his role model! 

Replicating the character's helmet graphics on the RPHA11 will appeal to many motorcycle riders, and of course to Star Wars fans who just want to keep the helmet and its truly unique design, as a collectible. 

With the RPHA11, HJC once again sets new standards for helmet performance. Many additional design innovations create an aerodynamically superior helmet with excellent ventilation, luxurious comfort and outstanding safety features. The RPHA11 indisputably demonstrates why HJC remains #1 in the world.

P.I.M. Plus shell construction comprised of carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass hybrid fibre provide enhanced shock-resistant performance, much comfort and lightness of helmet.
Precision top vent control
Aerodynamic Top Vent
New forehead vent
Enlarged view port
Multi-point shield locking system
Redesigned side-intake vents
Multi cool interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric and enhanced moisture wicking for quick drying and comfort.
Helmet comes with two visors, one clear and one light smoke and a Pinlock anti-fog lens.
Size guide: XXS (52-53cm), XS (54-55cm), S (55-56cm), M (57-58cm), L (58-59cm), XL (60-61cm), XXL (62-63cm)
Replacement visor fitment code: HJ-26